Voice and Internet

We use are own software that tells us what service providers are at or near your location. Once we know what carriers service your location we use our experience and expertice to get the best rate and promotions that are available. We then provide you with the top 2 or 3 choices. You are under no obligation to use what we recommend, but if you do, and want to proceed, we then generate the paperwork required. We order the service and track the installation and send you electronic updates on install progress and milestones so you know what is going on and when. After the install and first bill review are job is done. Of course we will be staying in touch with you and look forward to working for you on future projects.


With a hosted phone system you utilize voice channels that are carried over your internet connection, commonly called VOIP. Voice telephone line charges are eliminated, and your numbers are ported over to your new hosted phone system service provider. Instead of being in the backroom, your phone system is now off site in a protected center where it is continually upgraded and maintained. The only phone equipment in your office is the phone set on your desk. We do recommend that you keep any fire, alarm, and elevator lines separate and as analog telephone lines.


We provide you with one point of contact supplying multiple carrier options that are transparent and easy to understand. We do not have a sales quota to meet, a sales deadline, or other agenda other than getting your company the best service, at the best price and with the best performance.

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